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Currently the church is meeting for worship in our parking lot on the Fisher Road and cemetery sides of the sanctuary building. We begin at 10am with singing followed by the message from our pastor. Though we are using loudspeakers we also are utilizing FM89.1, a low wattage transmitter to broadcast our worship. the messages and a daily Bible reading are here and on Facebook.

Sunday Morning Worship

We begin with early worship at 8:30 AM. This service has a more relaxed atmosphere with newer music in addition to a message  from the Scriptures.

Our Sunday School/Bible Study begins at 9:45 AM following a time of classes assembling in the worship center for announcements, prayer and a brief word from the Scriptures.

Traditional worship begins at 11:00 AM and includes our choir and congregational hymns along with the message from the Scriptures.

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Sunday Evening Worship

Our Sunday evening worship and Bible Study begins at 6 PM in our Fellowship Hall. The relaxed atmosphere and snacks help us have good discussions.

270 East Great Marsh Church Rd

Saint Pauls, North Carolina 28384

Wednesday Evening Studies

Our Wednesday evenings include  Bible Study which begins at 7:05 PM in our Fellowship Hall. Our Children's and Youth studies are in classrooms in our Fellowship Hall during this same hour.

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270 E Great Marsh Church Rd

Saint Pauls, NC 28384

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